Why does 1% of the population own 99% of the world's wealth?

Everyone is not born rich, yet we all hear rags to riches stories all the time. What is it that they do differently that makes them super rich?

These are exciting times. Start-ups are getting a billion dollars valuation in less than 3 years. Millions have no meaning now. A house bought at a few lacs is now worth a few crores. These are house millionaires ( big asset generating 0 return). The time to go for your own billions is now and it's very much possible.

Asset Appreciation Skyrockets Your Net Worth. Passive Income Skyrockets Your Lifestyle.

Learn the secrets of billion dollars business at our full day boot camp "Billion Dollar Secrets- Idea to IPO"

It's for people who want to learn how to ethically and legitimately become a billionaire in less than 5 years.

10000% value of your time. These 8 hours will change your mindset and life.

Topics covered :-

  1. Money Mindset & Beliefs
  2. How to find new ideas for new business or your existing business
  3. Effective Sales & Marketing
  4. Fast wealth creation
  5. Funding For Your Business
  6. Building A Winning Team
  7. Preparation For IPO
  8. Life After IPO: How to stay Rich for Life!

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