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Corporate Trainer

Corporate training has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years. It is too longer confined and restricted to training just new hires, salespeople and leaders. Best Corporate Trainer in Delhi today is strategic partners and a pivotal part of a business and are critical to its success.

An organisation corporate training efforts will be successful only with the right Corporate Training partner. MR SURESH MANSHARMANI is one of the Best Corporate Trainer in India. EXPERT in the DELGI and has an experience of over 30 years in helping clients to achieve their business goals with practical and useful training, tailored to suit specific objectives.

Mr Suresh Mansharmnai is considered as the Top corporate trainer in India who offers a full range of soft skills training and workshops in communication, interpersonal, self-management, supervisory, management and leadership skills. Also provided are professional services to support corporate training efforts including custom instructional design, re-design or coaching; personalised group facilitation and planning; and performance consulting to help you tackle your organisation’s performance issues from start to finish.

With the competition hotting up in almost all business categories, the need for all businesses to have a high-functioning Corporate Training Partner to help close the ever-widening skills gap that threatens their ability to compete. Mr Suresh Mansharmani is the Top Corporate Trainer in Delhi. He through his three decades of experience provides practical and useful tools to make the training process more comfortable and more impactful. He wishes to share his expertise and passion for helping businesses improve performance. Mr Suresh Mansharmani, the leading Corporate Trainer in Delhi, has over the past years helped a lot of companies in driving their growth with the knowledge of the latest business strategies and tactics. His unrivalled industry experience makes him the perfect partner to deliver bespoke training programmes. Mr Suresghprovides a very modular solution which allows you to work in a way that suits your needs – whether that’s an individual training course or a full end-to-end programme.

Discussed below are the different steps which make up Mr Suresh Mansharmani’s tailored training solutions.


Corporate Training and Development gives the highest return when learning is relevant and applied, but it can be difficult to know where knowledge is required and when.

During this step, Mr Suresh Mansharmani and his team assess your organisation’s overall competence.


After assessing your business and analysing the skill gaps a customised training programme is prepared that matches your organisation’s needs and to a time frame that suits you.

There are a variety of training programmes to suit the needs and availability of your workforce.


The training is provided at your premises which helps you save you significant costs over when these sessions are out-stationed.


Mr Suresh Mansharmani’s training process doesn't end at Delivery. A much-required post learning support is in place.