24 Jul


“Enthusiasm is the greatest asset you can possess, for it can take you further than money, power or influence.”– Dada Vaswani

In my daily journal, the first line I write every day is “Start this day with great enthusiasm and energy”. In life whatever you do, do it with great enthusiasm. At work, be enthusiastic for every task assigned to you.  Serve your customers with enthusiasm. Meet your teams with enthusiasm, it’s infectious. Come back home with enthusiasm and go out with your wife as if it’s your first date. You will see people around you are charged up. Your family, customers are charged up. If you are having a bad day, there can be situations not in your control but how you react to it is 100% in your control depression.
A Ted Talk Video on YouTube by Amy Cuddy…

In this talk, she has explained how your body language can shape your future. Have a body language of winners. There is saying “Fake it till you make”. She is one step further and says ‘Fake it till you become it”

I was once checking in Sheraton New York and the I noticed the bell boy greeted me with a broad smile and was talking to me while guiding me to my room with luggage. All this while he kept asking me questions about my journey and India. He told me how happy he is working in this hotel and how great is the management. He left a very good impression on me and whenever he saw me in the lobby or going out or coming in always greeted me with my last name ‘  Hello Mr. Mansharamani how was your day or have a fantastic day ahead. Out of many bell boys there I noticed only him and remembered his name. I wrote written a testimonial for him and handed over to the lobby manager on my check out.

I was a member of BNI Gurgaon India for about 5 years. At times BNI meeting becomes quite boring for a senior member because of the same routine every week. But I always kept my energy and enthusiasm.

Every Wednesday morning I made sure I was dressed well and went for the meeting with the positive thoughts that I am going to meet my fellow BNI members after a week and there will be a chance to meet and greet 15-20 guests, learn something new from education slots. Every week we used to have around 15-20 guests attending our meeting. We were a chapter of 70 plus members. Every visitor remembered my name because of my Good Morning full of energy and enthusiasm.

If you have unlimited enthusiasm everything is possible to achieve. Your customers like you, your team likes you and you get noticed where ever you go and you motivate people around you.

Whenever some one asks me How are you, my standard reply is Always good, celebrating life or in Hindi I say, bahut hi jayada badiya. It brings a smile on peoples faces. No one is interested in knowing what are we going through in life. They have their own troubles. With my positive answer, they feel happy and inspired for that moment.

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