09 Jun

Leadership In Action 1.0

“Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation.”- William Arthur Wood

Civilizations would not have flourished, revolutions would not have begun, wars would not have been won and the word “freedom” would not have any meaning if, the time had not have given us leaders. One who stood for the rights of all even after facing self-loss. Today in the 21st century the word leadership is often accounted with organization or business but you are a leader in your society, city, country, and family. As the great saying, leaders are not born, they are made. Following are the points which can help you turn into a great leader-

1. Nourish Humbleness– Leadership is an action, not a position. You need not be a CEO to be a leader, you can be a leader in your profession as a teacher, coach, parent etc. Leadership should not be just a part of your profession but should be a philosophy of life. Visionary leaders are consistently compassionate. They constantly show kindness to their team and think about the ways to show that their concern is sincere. Be kind to people you lead. Respect and cherish them. The best example to sight here would be of Gandhi who was a  great leader in history. Once he was deboarding a train and accidentally slipped his shoe on the track and as the train started to move he couldn’t retrieve it. And what he did next was remarkable that he removed his other shoe and threw near the first one. When asked for the cause of his action he replied: “now the poor man who will find these shoes will have a pair to use and reduce his suffering”. He was humble and a great leader. Always frame a mindset of a beginner who is keen to learn and keep nourishing humbleness inside you.

2. Become A Visionary– A visionary sees light in dark. Envisioning the picture of future in present and taking the requisite measure is a quality every leader must develop. Your vision can become a motivation and can actually drive you to do and achieve more. Every step that you take must take you closer to that imaginary bright future. That is the ultimate secret of their greatness as leaders. The best leaders recognize that leadership is a craft, not a gift. They constantly work to refine their art. Developing a mindset which is present-based and future-focused gives great leaders an advantage. Living in present to manage and improve current situations as well as forecasting clear blueprint of future is the methodology. Find a vision you can invest every ounce of yourself within

3. Have A Purpose– A leader’s purpose is to create more leaders, not followers. Your purpose is the reason to get out of the bed every single morning, your purpose defines you and motivates you unconditionally. Be it CEO’s or clerks, all have the desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves. What I believe is having a purpose bigger than yourselves can fulfill this desire. Once a young student traveled many miles to find a famous spiritual master. When he finally met this man he told him that his main goal in life was to be the wisest man in the land. This is why he needed the best teacher. Seeing the young boy’s enthusiasm, the master agreed to share his knowledge with him and took him under his wing. ‘How long will it take before I find enlightenment? ’the boy immediately asked. ‘At least five years,’replied the master. ‘That is too long,’said the boy. ‘I cannot wait five years! What if I study twice as hard as the rest of your students?’‘Ten years,’ came the response. ‘Ten years! Well, then how about if I studied day and night, with every ounce of my mental concentration? Then how long would it take for me to become the wise man that I’ve always dreamed of becoming?’‘Fifteen years,’replied the master. The boy grew very frustrated.
‘How come every time I tell you I will work harder to reach my goal, you tell me it will take longer? The answer is clear,’ said the teacher. ‘With one eye focused on the reward, there is only one eye left to focus on your purpose.

4. Develop Your Legacy– The greatest irony of leadership is that the more you give the more you get. And when all is said and done, the highest and the most enduring gift that you will ever be able to give is the gift of legacy to the generations that follow it will be how much value you have added to the organization and how many lives you have improved. To be the kind of person that you are destined to be and to leave something special behind for all those who follow you is what life is all about. It is the essence of leaving a legacy. What makes greatness is beginning something that doesn’t end with you. There is an old saying- when you were born, the world rejoiced while you cried. Your mission must be to live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice. Your legacy will ultimately be a manifestation of the deepest and the best that you had to give in life. It will be a reflection of the person you now are and the person you aim to be. Legacy based leadership is the most powerful type of leadership. It is to create successful present while building a brilliant future.

5. Recognise Others– Recognition can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary. Reward routinely and recognize relentlessly. All visionary leaders have made it a daily practice to recognize and reward their employees. Most leadership assumes that the men and women who work for the organization are paid to work and they are grownups they don’t need a pat on the back. Most people to bed hungry for little recognition and sincere appreciation. The starting point for motivating your employees is simple –hunt for good behavior. Most of the employees are micromanaged. They are audited day in and day out for their small or big mistakes but hardly appreciated. Reward the behavior you want to get repeated. Many companies don’t even have clear job descriptions of employees and what are the results expected of them. At the Southwest airline if any customer sends a compliment for a good service of any employee the president sends a personal note of appreciation along with the compliments to the concerned employee.

Try to apply these five pointers in your routine and I am sure you will notice a difference for sure. There will be more articles in this series so stay tuned for that.

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Edited by- Rajat Babbar Connect

Article inspiration- Leadership Wisdom From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma

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