10 Jul

Leadership In Action 2.0

This article is second in the series, Leadership In Action (to read previous article click here). Through this article serious I aim to public my experience and help you become a great leader. The key-points I hereby share are part of learning and deep understanding of organizations I have worked. Visionary leaders care more about doing what’s right than appearing intelligent. Never forget that. Leadership is not about popularity, it’s about integrity. It’s not about power, it’s about purpose. And it’s not about the title but rather a talent. Below are next five points which will definitely help you on your leadership journey-

6. Master Strategic Thinking

One of the top skills that the leaders should develop is their ability to think strategically. The world we live in has become so fast-paced that there is a lot of pressure on leaders to think more holistically about how they can streamline processes and leverage opportunities in order to be the very best in their sector. Where I find people struggle with strategy is mostly on two fronts. First, the term “strategic thinking” has become a business buzz phrase, so it can mean different things to different people. The concept of strategy is vague. The second challenge to being strategic is that once you really understand what it means, it can be difficult to understand how to apply it practically to what you do. The same concept of strategic thinking can mean different to different people. I would recommend gathering your team and collectively agreeing on the same ideology related to this concept. This will help you to create a win-win situation for everyone.
Applying strategic thinking comes down to building human connections and really listening to others. When we take the time to listen to our customers, peers, direct reports and leaders, they feel seen. This validates the relationships you build. Then strategic thinking becomes about helping set each other up for success. And that really is the essence of what drives true purpose for many of us in the work people do as leaders.

7. Be Direction Driven

As the leader, it is your role to enable and align the culture to support the business direction. Therefore you must ask the team what tangible things could be initiated within the business that is able to foster the strategic direction and inspire the productivity of the team. This may mean reviewing how you connect and meet with your people, being mindful of their needs such as what their schedules and workload are like, what their work environment or conditions are like, what day to day activities support their wellness or wellbeing, how can you reward and recognize their contributions most appropriately, how can they grow more, how can they play a bigger part or change their part so that they are playing more towards their strengths. As a leader, your aim is to align and foster what the team values (cares about) so that everyone is able and inspired by the shared connection and care for the direction of the business.

8. Know That Customer Is the King

Many companies fail to achieve business goals and objectives due to lack of a customer-centric approach. Being profit-oriented, they ignore the very people who contribute towards business growth and success. As a leader, this necessitates your responsibility to drive the focus of your team towards improving customer focus. So how do you improve customer focus?

-Focus on customer wants and expectations,

-Provide personalized and quality customer experience,

-Identify ‘at risk’ customers and implements effective measures to convince them to stay,

-Deliver right services at the right time,

-Focus on building a constructive relationship with customers.

Leaders must know that a customer-centric approach is imperative in today’s highly competitive business environment. Hence, it employs different strategies to improve customer focus and realize business objectives.

9. Develop Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are not only important, but they also show your ability to use every possible thing as a scope and resource. Know the rule and as a matter of fact, it is true that a person, who has deep interpersonal skills and who is able to make use of it both individually and in the groups, is way ahead when it comes to professional and personal lives. At the whole level, these skills are very vital in deciding one’s career graph. Therefore, developing these skills is important if you want to be a leader in the near future. How to develop interpersonal skills?

-Have a positive attitude,

-Learn easy ways to problem-solving,

-Master good communication skills,

-Add Inclusiveness to your work dictionary,

-Learn some managing tactics,

-Start taking responsibilities,

-Don’t ditch your etiquette’s,

-Develop social and general awareness about things,

-Don’t Complain,

-Become a bit more appreciative,

-Be an Ardent Listener,

-Keep Transparency.

10. Transparency

Transparent communication is useful because it builds trust which a leader requires at every point of his work. I have found in my work with organizations that the items listed above, information, no surprises, follow-up, consistency, and expectations carried out, are the major variables that increase trust in an organization. So working on transparency of communication will also work on increasing trust.
People will only follow you if they have faith in you and they know that you will somehow bring good to them. Everyone has expectations, and we expect our expectations to be carried out. When they are not carried out, we are surprised, and we tend to distrust the person responsible for that happening. The best remedy for creating false expectations is to undo the false expectation as soon as possible, with apologies. If someone believes that we have intentionally created a false expectation, it makes the situation even worse. Therefore, it is helpful to be as upfront as possible if an expectation cannot be met.

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